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Angel Falls Part 2 Journal
by Chi Chan

The Lost World Journal
by Chi Chan

Crossing the Knife Edge
by Chi Chan

Mount Everest Journal
by Chi Chan

Nepal Artocle Report #1
by Chi Chan

Banff Article
by Michael Tam

China Trip Article
by Tahoa Chen

Gin’s 26 Mile Hike Article

by Chi Chan

A Call to Duty Article
by Liz OuYang

President’s Weekend Ski Trip article at Lake Placid
by Elizabeth OuYang

Slide Mountain Trip Article
by Sarah Ip

Kilimanjaro Trip Journal
by Chi Chan

A Day of Real Mushrooms and Fake Gems
by Elizabeth OuYang

The CMCNY Survivors
by Chi Chan

CMC’s Article on Newsday
by Freelance Writer Marc Ferris

He Promised The Moon
by Elizabeth OuYang

Pedal To You Drop

by Elizabeth OuYang
It’s your choice!  Why bike 35 miles, when you can do 55?  Better yet, if you can do 55, 75 miles is just around the corner. After 75, pedaling to a century is a piece of cake.

Mount Whitney - A Gentle Beast
by Chi S. Chan
It seemed that my backpack was 10 times heavier than the one that I carried for practice in Harriman Park. Both my hips and knees felt the pressure and each step upward required more the strength I could afford...

A Beginner Hiker’s Impression

by Elizabeth Tom (07/2002)
The level B 5-mile hike to Pine Swamp at Harriman State Park took place on a nice sunny day with 70 degree temperature and low humidity with a group of more  than 20 people led by Yet Chang...

Fire Island Article 1
by Kady Harn (6/2002)
If you ask me how I remember the beach walk on the Fire Island on the last Saturday. These are few moments engraved in my mind...

Fire Island Article 2
by Richard Wong (6/2002)
A beach walk on Fire Island the day after the Summer Solstice, the First Day of Summer and the longest day of the year.

Nature vs Nurture
by Wade Zhang (5/2002)
The 2002 annual 26-mile hike was put on May 12, the Mother’s Day Sunday due to scheduling conflict.  Since last year’s leaders were not available, I was made the leader for the trip...

No Pain, No Gain
By Liz Ouyang (4/2002)
While the motto of the first CMC weekend biking trip of the year was clearly “No pain, no gain”, the lingering question was “But, where is the gain?”...

ALOHA and MAHALO to Hawaii, The Most Unforgettable Hike

By Chi Chan, November 27, 2001

A Day of Interesting Twists and Turns
By Elizabeth R. OuYang
How could the last short, Level A hike of the year start with 25 hikers
and end with three?!! . . . and still be labeled a success!!

The Triumph of the Human Spirit
2001 Memorial Weekend Camping Trip
Elizabeth R. OuYang
The biking/camping trip to Pennsylvania posed many obstacles before we even pitched our tents or mounted on our bikes ...

26 Mile Hiking Reports (5/2001)
by Chi Chan - 26 miles hike
by Michael Tam - The Best Pain Killer

  Record Breaking 69 People Turn Out For First CMC Short Hike
Elizabeth R. OuYang (4/2001)
CMC sets world revisionist history with 69 people attending the first CMC short hike of the year to Stockridge Mountain. (While Sharon Jiang and Allen Wang remember larger groups in the past, it doesn’t count because they can’t remember the names of everyone who went!) ...

  Adventure in Death Valley
Chi Chan (11/2000)

  Yosemite Trip Note
George Li (8/2000)

  A Vertical World of Yosemite - Half Dome
Chi Chan (7/2000)

My first attempt to a 10,000 feet mountain - BIGHORN PEAK
Chi Chan
“Why don’t you sing, Charlie?”, with his usual soft voice, Mr. Michihiko Okamoto (Mikie), broke the silence. “I am concentrating on my breathing”, Charlie apologetically replied.
Three of us, Mikie, Charlie and I pushed ourselves slowly towards the hill.  We began our 3,000 feet ascent after a 4-mile relatively flat hike. A few seconds later, I started to feel a little bit shortness of breath ... (read on)

  Appalachian Trail Through Hike Journal (Part 1) - George Li
On April 24th late evening, I took a bus from New York to Gainesville, GA, arriving 4:30 p.m. on the 25th of April, took a taxi to the approach trail at Amicalola Falls State Park. At 6:30 a.m. on the 26th, the first hiker I saw was “Grandpa B” Mr. Frank Boucher from Draper, UT. He grew up in Montana and retired in Utah. He asked did I have a trail name.  I replied, “Jersey George”. This name stuck with me for the rest of the journey...

Appalachian Trail Through Hike Journal (Part 2) - George Li
May 3, I started only from Sassafras Gap Shelter and made a dash for Fontana Dam, 21.8 miles away. I arrived at the road head and was surprised to see a phone with a notice “Dial 0 for operator and shuttle”. There was a $1 fee for getting around the resort...

Appalachian Trail Through Hike Journal (Part 3) - George Li
May 29 – Finally arrived at Pearisburg, VA, weather had been hot and dry.  Water was hard to come by at the high elevation springs. This meant I routinely hauled water for 10 miles for an extra 5 lbs. When I got in town & walked to the hostel (Holy Family Hospice) (see photo), I was surprised by how nice this old barn converted to hostel was.  It had hot showers, a complete kitchen with working stove/range, and a lot of bunk space, plus a scale to weigh yourself on.  Outside there was a pavilion for dining and lawn space for tents... 

Trail Journal for Balsam Cap Mountain in the Catskill
George Li
Lone, Rocky Mountain, Balsam Cap & Friday Mountain are nested on the South flank of Slide Mountain, separated by the Neversink River Valley.  From Slide Mountain, 4 distant peaks rise up on the ridgeline. Our interest in climbing these 4 peaks gone way back to 4 years ago, one Thanks giving holiday, at the East Col of Slide Mountain, trying to traverse these 4 peaks in one day...

The Bear Story
George Li
It was late in the night when I finished my trip and back to the campsite, I was doing a backpacking trip in the Adirondacks of New York State...

Moonlight Beach Walk with CMC
Chi Chan, August 8, 1998
The late afternoon sun gradually diminished from the horizon,
Left behind its passionate trail lingering in the western sky,
Slowly and slowly….fading away, ...

Chi Chan
Rt 44 was on the right and Rt 378 was on my left, I had no idea  which road I should choose. I had been riding on a bike about two miles without realizing that I was all alone.  I hated myself for not taking a map from Francis and I hated myself even more for not paying attention when Francis explained the direction of the trip ... (read on)

  Watkins Glen State Park
Chi Chan
While I was enjoying the canyon around me, Mr. Rong approached me with a smile.  He suggested that I should write something about what we saw today.   I pondered for a moment and gladly accepted his invitation ... (read on)

The Differences Between Warm Weather Army Field Training vs. Hiking/Camping
Johnny Ngai
During the summer months in the mid 1980s, I received my basic army training in Kentucky, North Carolina & Georgia. I learned the following differences between recreational hiking/camping and warm weather army training ... (read on).

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